Cascais to Annecy, France to Geneva, Switzerland 22 May 2006

Home again!


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HOME AGAIN after almost 7 beautiful months of travelling!
In the air, we finally negotiated a routing with Madrid control over the Pyrenees direct Pamplona to Toulouse at FL160 on top. With tailwinds up to 65 knots, we had groundspeeds up to 215 knots and made it to Annecy in record time (IFR 4:49 hrs).
There were marginal VFR conditions at Annecy where it was drizzling. We were ‘greeted’ by the ‘douane volante’ (literally ‘flying customs’, although they don’t fly, just pop out of the blue when you least expect them). They asked us why we landed in Annecy when Geneva was our destination and we explained that we have flown from Cascais where we had not been able to clear customs and therefore had to land first at an airport in France before flying on to Switzerland. (For the French and the Swiss, Geneva is a French/Swiss airport, but this is not recognized by other EU countries.)
Rather like the anti-narcotics police in Colombia and Panama, the ‘douane volante’ officials soon softened up and were fascinated to hear about our trip around South America.
Then it was just a 13-minute VFR flight to Geneva. Our good friend John Miles (also an aviator) came to meet us and we went out for a celebration dinner at our favourite local restaurant Café de Peney.

Adeus Cascais!

The Pyrenees are barely visible amidst the clouds.

Grey clouds loom over Annecy.

Geneva runway is in sight.

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