Horta to Pico, Azores 13 May 2006

The shortest flight


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The flight to Pico was short and sweet: just 9 minutes! And we had great views of Pico, Portugal's highest mountain.
We had visited Pico already in 2000 and even spent a night or two there. This time, we just flew in to go for a walk in the stone-walled vineyards along the west coast of Horta. The abundant volcanic rocks are used as walls to protect the vines and other crops from the strong winds that can sweep across the island.
Pico is the only island in the Azores to produce wine and we had ample opportunity that week to taste it. The dry white wine was undoubtedly the best, with a faintly smoky flavour. We found the Verdelho aperitif wine a little disappointing, certainly no match for Madeira.

Horta harbour sparkled in the sunlight.

The clouds tend to build up round Pico during the day...

...but we got a clear view from the other side of the mountain.

On the approach to Pico airport.

The volcanic rock walls protect the vineyards from the wind.

The long and winding road...

...that leads to a cow.

Walled up on Pico.

A narrow gap between the walls provides a convenient path. (Faial island in the background).

Couldn't resist a shot of this cute red windmill.

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