Iles de la Madeleine, Quebec to St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

10 May 2006

Blue skies and sunshine in St Johns


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Windy, cool morning sightseeing in the Iles de la Madeleine. Unusually clear day in Newfoundland and St Johns with great views of the wild south shore of the island.
Upon arrival in St Johns, we met a ferry pilot Rob CHALLANS, who was on his way to Denmark with a brand new Cessna 182. Besides ferrying little planes, he also delivers Boeing 747's and flies in air shows with a DC-3 called Duggy. We dined with him in the 'Hungry Fishermen' (more lobster…).
We stayed at The Roses, a charming b&b run by an Irishman whom we never met! We’d pre-booked the room and found a note waiting for us on our arrival to help ourselves to the room – which was very cosy and had a spacious bathroom. And, more important, we had internet access.
We had been in touch with to Mrs. Maria da Conceição Amaral at INAC (the Portuguese aviation authorities) in Lisbon who had granted us permission to land at Flores, the westernmost island of the Azores, despite the fact that it is not a generally accepted port of entry. Flores is one of the most beautiful of the Azores islands and this would shorten our flight across the Atlantic by a couple of hours. However, to our surprise and dismay, on our return from dinner, we received another email from Mrs. Amaral, apologizing that it would not be possible for us to make Flores our port of entry after all since there was no customs and immigration to receive us. We would have to land in Ponta Delgada (São Miguel island) after all, adding another 2 hours to the journey.

Most of the flight to St Johns was over wilderness like this.


...and more wilderness

On the approach to St Johns airport.

View over St Johns' rooftops from the balcony of our b&b.

Also from the b&b balcony.

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