Chatham, USA, to Montreal, Canada

6 - 8 May 2006

Our third meeting with Claude on this trip!


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While the weather was fine at Cape Cod, the forecast for Montreal was definitely IFR (low overcast with light rain). Boston Center did not like our filed direct route to the east of the Boston TCA, and sent us for a 40-minute detour to Providence, RI and then to the west of Boston TCA. The weather deteriorated as expected in northern Vermont and Canada.
Friendly customs and FBO at arrival at Montreal, Dorval. Clouds were too low for a comfortable VFR flight to Montreal, St. Hubert, but filing an IFR flight plan was quick and easy with DUATS. The total flight time from Chatham was about 3 hours.
Hearty welcoming reception by our aviator friend Claude Reymond at Air Richelieu. Very sympatique in spite of the weather: 8 C and rain! This is the third time we’ve met up with Claude on this trip, after Mexico and Santiago. In fact, we made a slight detour to see him in Montreal. Claude, originally a Vaudois, divides his time between Montreal, Santiago and France (near Geneva).

7 May. Delicious homard feast in the countryside with Claude's long time friend and musician Guy Vanasse and his ballerina wife Betsy. The sun was shining again for us.

8 May. Lovely spring day in Montreal visiting the sights and dining with Claude and Guy in L'Express bistro.

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Guy and Betsy VANASSE

View from Guy and Betsy's weekend house

The Olympic Stadium tower.

Guy serves up the homard.

A bird's eye view of Montreal.

Strolling around the old town.

Claude is pleased that Montreal gave him the credit he deserves!

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