Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to Inagua to Pittsdown Point, Bahamas

26 - 28 April 2006

Great fly-in resort for divers


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We flew first to Inagua to do the quick and easy entry formalities for the Bahamas (IFR 2:35 hrs). Then it was just a 54-minute VFR flight to Pittstown Point. It was great to park our plane next to the Pittstown Point Lodge run by a friendly American couple Heidi and Carter Andrews.
Beautifully clear water for snorkelling and probably the most colourful corals we’ve seen on this trip.

27 April 2006. Flemming did a superb SCUBA dive with Bob at the coral wall 1/2 mile west of the threshold of runway 9. Pristine clear warm waters with lots of fish, lobsters and pretty corals. The sun was right on the wall for excellent colours.
It seems that fishing is also a worthwhile occupation here as we are the only non-fishermen guests at the lodge. Food quality varies from fair to good, but then we’re right out in the sticks. Insect repellent is a must, especially in the afternoon.

Getting ready for departure at Punta Cana

On final for runway 9 Inagua, Bahamas

On the approach to Pittstown Point airstrip

Sunset at Pittstown Point

Flemming returning from a superb dive

Only footprints for company on the beach

Only one other plane parked next to Honey Mooney.

Our room next to the beach with Pittstown Point lighthouse behind

The beachside bar at Pittsdown Point resort

Honey Mooney deserves a kiss.

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