Tobago to Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines 19 - 21 April 2006

Caribbean paradise


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19 April 2006. Tobago to Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines (VFR 0:46).
Relaxed morning on the terrace of Yvon and Judy's house, Bijou des Caraibes.
After lunch it was an easy 46-minute VFR flight to another Caribbean paradise: Bequia, Grenadines. Entry formalities were quick and easy. We had pre-booked at Keegan’s Guest House at Lower Bay which has a nice beach but the room itself was rather run down and the breakfast pretty basic. Also, it was quite a walk to Port Elizabeth from there, where most of the restaurants were. After two nights at Keegan’s, we decided to spend the last night in Port Elizabeth at the Gingerbread hotel. Much better, in spite of more mosquitoes!

20 April 2006. We went for a long walk in the morning to explore the island, then snorkelling and diving in the afternoon. After the long, hot walk, we switched to taxis. We went to Port Elizabeth for dinner, and then took a stroll to an outside bar where a steel band was playing.

21 April 2006. We went sailing to the Tobago keys and back with Friendship Rose, a beautiful 40-year-old 100-foot wooden schooner built by hand in Friendship bay on Bequia.

On final for Bequia.

Sunset from the beach in front of Keegan's guest house on Lower Bay.

Gardens on the way to Port Elizabeth.

Steel band playing in Port Elizabeth.

Breakfast aboard the Friendship Rose

This man has been the captain of the Friendship Rose since it brought mail to Bequia from St. Vincent in the 1960s.

Flemming in paradise!

We snorkelled in these turquoise waters at Tobago Cays.

Almost back at Port Elizabeth late afternoon.

Port Elizabeth is a favourite haven for the yachties.

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