Turrialba - Rio Pacuare - San Josť

8 Dec 2005

River rafting on the Pacuare river


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Today was one of the highlights of our trip. We went river rafting on the Rio Pacuare with the company Rios Tropicales. There were just 5 of us in our dinghy – 2 Spanish girls Maria and Cristina, Mario the guide and us two. Mario steered us expertly through the class IV rapids, shouting ‘Adelante todos’, ‘Alto’, etc., so that we all either paddled like mad or rested, allowing the current to do the work. I fell in twice just to add to the excitement, the first time with Maria. No harm done and they hauled us back in by the ‘scruff’ of our life jackets. In between the rapids we coasted down the river, spotting toucans, parrots, kingfishers and herons. Whenever we’d passed a difficult rapid successfully we raised our paddles so that they were all touching and shouted ‘Pura vida!’ (the Costa Rican equivalent of ‘Great!’ or ‘Cool!’).
Rio Tropicales took us back to San Josť in their bus at the end of the day, so no risk of more robberies when taking the public bus. By chance we had booked the same guest house that our fellow river rafters had chosen, Kap’s Place.








Our captain Mario

Security instructions before departure

Maria, Cristina, Angela, Flemming and Mario: Adelante todos, fuerte!!

Maria and Angela are both about to leave the raft

Trying to recover the lost crew members

Recovery of lost crew members completed

We were starting to enjoy it by now

White water action

Hang on everybody

One raft was used for lunch table

The BIG wave #1

The BIG wave #2

The BIG wave #3

The BIG wave #4 - pura vida!

This other raft lost several crew members in a spectacular way

Calm deep waters with spectacular scenery

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