Boavista island, Cabo Verde 4 - 5 Nov 2005

Finally relaxation and a couple of days without flying


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The Hotel Estoril was run by an Italian, Marco Villa, catering mainly for Italian fishermen who leave their wives at home. It was well situated, 5 minutes from a long sandy beach and a 10-minute walk from the village of Sal Rei where we had lunch at a simple bar/restaurant frequented by locals and tourists alike. Because of leaving Geneva 3 days late, our 3-night stop in the Canaries had been cut to one, and the 3-night stop in Cape Verde was cut to two. But it was heaven just to spend even two nights in the same place and at last we were able to de-stress and really catch up on our sleep before the long haul over the ocean.
 We checked out the satellite images for the Atlantic crossing early that afternoon at the local internet café. It looked OK, so we flew back to Sal and checked in to a nearby hotel – the rather run down Hotel Atlantico. An appropriate name at least! We had a bit less than 3 hours of sleep before the receptionist woke us up 20 minutes earlier than we’d requested at 10 to midnight.

We had lunch in the friendly Blue Marlin restaurant in Sal Rei, Boavista

The Blue Marlin restaurant is popular amongst sports fishermen

Street in Sal Rei, Boavista

Another strong-headed woman in Sal Rei

'Cabo Verde night' party, Estoril Hotel owner/manager Marco Villa to the right

'Cabo Verde night' party at Estoril Hotel

Fishermen in Sal Rei

More fishermen in Sal Rei

Fisherman with tuna in Sal Rei

Angela on the beach near our hotel

The beach in Sal Rei

Sand dunes of Boavista

Lunar landscape of Boavista

Leaving Boavista for Sal

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