Lisbon - Tenerife - Sal - Boavista, 2 - 3 Nov 2005

Lots of flying hours and headwinds

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In spite of making an early start – we couldn’t sleep after about 4.30 am – and all Delfim’s help, we still didn’t manage to take off on time. Antonio – our other Portuguese earthrounder friend – came to Cascais to see us off. Unfortunately neither Delfim nor Antonio will be in Mexico for the Earthrounders meeting 23-27 November, but at least we had the chance to see them before heading off over the Atlantic.
We also had a headwind on the way to Tenerife. The flight took almost 6 hours and it was dark again when we landed. We stayed at the beautiful old Hotel Mencey, where they were kind enough to give us a generous discount for pilots, and slept well for the first time in weeks.
Next day on the flight from Tenerife North to Boavista (Cape Verde) we had more headwinds. The trip to Sal (the airport of entry) took over 6 hours, about half an hour more than the estimated time with no wind. But at least we had left Europe before the cold front was due to arrive a few days later and there were no weather problems.
As usual we were running late and we only landed in Sal an hour and a half before sunset. We wanted to make the 20-minute flight to Boavista island the same day, so it was going to be tight. Fortunately the immigration formalities into Cape Verde didn’t take very long. I paid the landing fee while Flemming filed the VFR flight plan for Boavista and then we were off again… we landed about 8 minutes before sunset!
It’s great having an iridium phone on board the plane. We bought it with 500 prepaid minutes from Infosat in British Columbia, Canada just a week before we left Geneva. Thus I was able to phone hotels in Boavista in mid flight. We also bought a headset adapter to be able to hook the phone up to our Bose X headsets. Surprisingly enough, the first place we tried was fully booked and even the second hotel, Hotel Estoril Boa Vista was full, but they had a couple of apartments free next door. 

Portuguese earthrounders Delfim Costa and Antonio Faria e Melo came to Cascais airport to see us off over the South Atlantic

View of Teide on Tenerife after take-off from Tenerife North

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