Ilha de Tinharé and Penedo

On the return voyage along the coast to Natal, we spent 3 relaxing days on the lovely Brazilian island Ilha de Tinharé just south of Salvador de Bahia.

The 'Fazenda Caeira' lodge where we stayed had its own private airstrip (nicknamed 'Aerodromo Lorenzo' after the present owner Oliviero Casari's father). No cars on the island, but plenty of tractors hauling tourist to and from the beaches at low tide!

Fazenda Caeira, Ilha de Tinharé

Penedo Airport There were no phones at the airport in Penedo, but the local guardian was very helpful and took his bike to the nearest phone and called a taxi for us.

Penedo is an old colonial town on the São Francisco River.

Penedo by the São Francisco River

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