75 years later: a 32 year old speedy and fuel efficient Mooney commemorates first South Atlantic crossing in 1922

Honey Mooney departing Geneva 14th of December 1996, a typical grey winter day in Geneva, Switzerland

John (Co-pilot Rio - Geneva), Armand (Co-pilot Geneva - Rio), Flemming and Mooney HB-DVN are getting ready for the journey to Brazil.

My 1965 Mooney M20E has been nicknamed 'Honey Mooney' since my honeymoon trip to Kenya in 1988-89.

The Portuguese aviators Gago COUTINHO and Sacadura CABRAL who made the first South Atlantic crossing in 1922 used an open-cockpit British made Fairey IIID hydroplane.

Three of these seaplanes were used to complete the voyage and only the third one 'Santa Cruz' remains. The first two (named 'Lusitânia' and 'Portugal') had problems and sank.

My Mooney M20E followed the same route during a six-week journey from Geneva, Switzerland to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and back in December 96 and January 97.

Fairey IIID 'Santa Cruz' in Lisbon The Maritime Museum in Lisbon December 96 on the way to Rio de Janeiro: Armand and Flemming in front of the Fairey III 'Santa Cruz' used on the last legs from Fernando de Noronha to Recife and Rio in 1922.

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© Flemming PEDERSEN, Armand F. PEREIRA and John F. MILES 1997